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Silkscreen Mesh FAQs

What is the printing screens mesh process?

 Printing screens mesh printing has a high demand for a cleanroom environment, so printing screens mesh printers take daily dust removal and humidification seriously as it helps them reduce dust and lint in the air. Temperature and relative humidity in the screen printing room also need to be controlled because they directly affect exposure time, dimensional stability, register conditions, and ink performance on the press.

We have to choose the screen and mesh according to the customer's requirements for ink film thickness and image detail, as well as to tense it properly on the stencil holder.

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The tension of the screen affects its distance from the plate and its dimensional stability, which in turn affects the registration of the plate. The manufacturer of printing screens provides tension parameters for each mesh they produce, and the user only needs to consult them. If the tension is too tight or too loose, it will have an impact on the production, so you can measure the tension of the mesh with a tension meter.

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