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Quality Control System
The quality of products and services is the lifeline for the steady development of our company. To ensure quality, we use higher quality inspection standards than most competitors.

Basically, our internal quality standards are higher than the widely-accepted international standards. If there is no national standard, we also require a higher industry standard.

While the standard is high, our quality management is also strict. From the supply of raw materials, the quality of the operators to the production and construction process, we strictly control and tighten the quality management, and use advanced testing equipment and methods to carry out products. The comprehensive inspection of quality puts the responsibility of quality management to the head, based on standards, and uses objective test data to reflect the problems.


Full Inspection
The inspection cost is always one of our main running costs, but we never dare to save costs or relax here.Even for the raw material, "full inspection" is still our basic requirement.

Clearly Tolerance
Based on widely-accepted international standards, we make all the production and inspection to be measurable and standardized.

Clearly tolerance is widely used in the full procedure of our production and inspection so that we're able to avoid the mistakes caused by subjective judgment, delivering goods with excellent quality stability and continuity.

Professional Equipments
Material testing, wire diameter tolerance testing, tensile force measurement, and all the other can be tested in our factory.

Advanced & profession equipment are prerequisite to good work.

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