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Silkscreen Mesh FAQs

Wholesale Multi Purpose High Quality Polyester Print Screen Mesh

Name: 110T-40um polyester bolting cloth textile silk screen printing meshWholesale Multi Purpose High Quality Polyester Print Screen Mesh

Material:100% polyester

Mesh count:10T-165T(25-420mesh)


Mesh diameter:31-250um

Weave Type:plain

Mesh color:White/yellow

Monofilament Style:yes

Mesh width:105-360cm

Application:Screen printing

Stretch tension:0-30N


White mesh is the more economical of the two, and is primarily seen in lower mesh counts used for less-detailed designs. Higher count mesh is usually dyed yellow because the color yellow acts as a canceling factor for UV light and prevents refraction along the mesh strands when burning your screens. This allows for a more focused and precise exposure, keeping your screens as crisp as possible.

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