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Silkscreen Mesh FAQs

​What are the differences and uses of screen printing mesh?

First of all, screen printing mesh has several specifications, referring to the number of mesh, followed by the width, and the material is also different. The screen printing mesh is used for printing, and the mesh size of the screen printing mesh is selected according to the needs of the printed product. The mesh number refers to the size of the screen, the size of the mesh hole, refers to 1 inch, that is, 25.4mm of the length of how many holes, that is, how many meshes.

 Screen printing mesh has two weaving methods: plain weave and twill weave. Screen printing mesh has a cotton yarn, the printing quality of the yarn is not good, poor resolution, and now there is little use.

Silkscreen printing mesh, warp, and weft uniformity, and tensile strength are better, but the elongation is large, easy to age, easy to brittle under long-term exposure to the sun, not light.


Single yarn tapestries screen printing mesh: Suitable for general screen printing factory, garment printing factory, handbag screen printing, plexiglass, plastic panels, and other screen printing. Polyester screen printing mesh is also made of chemical synthetic fibers and belongs to the polyester family. The polyester screen has the advantages of solvent resistance, high-temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, polyester screen is stable in physical properties and small stretching when subjected to external pressure. The disadvantage is that it is less wear-resistant than nylon wire mesh. In addition to the advantages of nylon screen printing, polyester screen printing mesh is also suitable for printing printed circuit boards that require high dimensional accuracy.

Nylon screen printing mesh: It is made of chemical synthetic fiber and belongs to the polyamide family. Nylon screen has high strength, good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and elasticity, and excellent ink transmission due to the uniform diameter and smooth surface. The shortcoming is that the stretching of nylon wire mesh is larger. This screen in a period of time after the taut screen, the tension has been reduced, so that the screen printing plate relaxation, precision decline. Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards with high dimensional accuracy requirements, etc.

So which specification is good to see their own printing needs to determine, now the main polyester and nylon.

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